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mexico city guide

as you know I love all things mexico and its fitting that my first blog post will be about mexico city.  CDMX is one of my favorite travel destinations and I wanted to share with you my view of this beautiful city. it's like if paris and tulum had a baby and you will understand what mexico city is. mr.jones and I went for our 10th wedding anniversary and will be going back as much as possible. in fact, let's just put it out there, I am manifesting a permanent move to mexico city in our future. the city is full of culture and we really felt at ease in the city. its a quick 4 hour direct flight from nyc and can easily be done in a long weekend. what I loved the most was the acceptance of sub culture and how they treat it as a norm, any given moment you will run into a group of punk rock kids or skate kids and its business as usual. the ability to be so accepting and welcoming of all is astounding. If you get a chance to visit I would love to hear your POV and your experience, please share!



where to stay.

I loved staying the polanco area of CDMX, Las Suites En Campos was in the perfect location. the rooms were huge with amazing thread count and each room has a giant balcony. we loved having a full kitchen to work with as there was always leftovers after each dinner out. the staff was very attentive and the area was very walkable. polanco is the beverly hills of mexico with cute shops and cafe's within walking distance.

where to shop.

without question the best vintage store in the world is void mexico . it is THE best curated selection of vintage from all decades. they carry everything from vintage levi's, hermes birkin bags and my all time favorite vintage concert tee's. the people who work their are what really makes it special, very warm and welcoming and they know their shit.

for sure you cannot miss goodbye folk, another vintage favorite of mine. part barbershop and part vintage boutique its just simply incredible. every room felt like a hunt for the next incredible piece to add to my "archive". real talk, goodbye folk is a gem of a vision.

where to eat.

located in the roma norte area 'aka' the west village of mexico city, rosetta is the cutest little bakery aka "panaderia" you will find. everything and I mean everything is made from scratch and super delicious. I am gluten intolerant and I sucked it up and got the stomach ache over the guava pastry and donuts and it was totally worth it. rosetta is also a full restaurant too, but I just ate dessert and skipped dinner.

contramar is one of the most popular places to have lunch in mexico city. meals in mexico ar more european style and are usually 2-3 hours long so please make sure you have a reservation. only open for lunch, contramar specializes in amazing tuna tostadas and a grilled fish topped with two sauces resembling the mexican flag. just shoot a quick email for reservations and they will get back to you. do not miss it.

 what to see

mexico city is a hub for artists and the city supports this by making all the museums free. being a modern art fanatic I made the trip to the museo jumex where they happen to have an andy warhol exhibition going on. it was very cool and allot of pieces I had not seen before. the museo jumex is conveniently located right next door to the museo soumaya that is home to the classics. 

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